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1. Nuclei of all radioactive elements undergo spontaneous disintegration & from new radioactive element with emission of alpha or beta along with gamma rays. 2. The disintegration is random i.e. which nuclei will disintegrate first is only a matter of chance. 3. Number of nuclei undergoing the decay per unit time is proportional to total […]


A nucleus contains protons & neutrons inside its small size. For such a small distancethe coulomb’s repulsive force between two protons must be extremely large so that they should fly off away from nucleus, but it not so happened because of the strong force existing between the nucleons. Strong force of attraction existing between nucleons […]


Physical Quantity. A quantity which can be measured and by which various physical happenings can be explained and expressed in form of laws is called a physical quantity. For example length, mass, time, force etc. Types of Physical Quantity. (1) Ratio (numerical value only): When a physical quantity is a ratio of two similar quantities, […]


The first quantitative measurements of electric force between point charge bodies was made by Charles Augustin de Coloumb in 1785 by means of a very sensitive balance (torsion balance). It states that the magnitude of force between two point charges is directly proportional to the product of two charges and inversely proportional to the square […]