Compound microscope: It is an optical device used to see highly magnified image of tiny objects. Construction: It consist of two convex lenses of short focal length arranged co-axial at the free end of tube, at a suitable fixed distance. Objective: It is a convex lens of very short focal length and small aperture, kept […]

How to connect LCR circuit in series combination:

LCR circuit: Suppose a resistance R. an inductance L and a capacitance C are connected in series to a source of alternating emf peak value of Where emf of alternating current Let I be the current in the series circuit at any instant. Then voltage will be differ due to R, L and C. Potential […]

Types of Force: Gravitational, Electric, Frictional, Viscous drag and Upthrust

Force may be described as a pull or a push that causes a body to accelerate or change the velocity of the body                                                       Or Force is defined as rate of change of momentum. It is a vector quantity. S.I. unit – Newton. All the force in universe are basis on for fundamental interactions. 1. […]

Derivation of Newton’s Equation

Kinematic Equations for uniformly accelerated motion along straight line (i) Velocity time equation – (ii) Displacement time equation – (iii)Velocity displacement equation – (iv)Displacement in nth second – Consider a body of mass m having initial velocity u and after time t its final velocity becomes due to uniform acceleration. We know that Let the […]

Thermal power plant

A Power plant in which the heat required to make steam to drive turbines (to make electricity) is obtained by burning fuels (coal, oil or gas) is called thermal Power plant. Coal (fuel oil or natural gas) is burned in a furnance F to produce heat. This heat boils the water in boiler B to […]